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That is an excellent question. The original Arcade Jukebox was written because I had just built my MAME cabinet and thought “Wouldn’t it be great to turn this thing into a jukebox?” I looked all over the web but there wasn’t any software out there to do what I wanted to do. Sitting around drunk one night I remember hearing, “Well if you want it to be a jukebox why don’t you just write your own damn program?” and in a drunken slur I said “Who says I can’t write my own jukebox program…and where are my pants?” Note:  Always hang out with people smarter than you… Sure you get made fun of a lot and call you monkeyboy on occasion, but sometime their constant belittlement and abuse can spur you on to create something like Arcade Jukebox. So, hunched over my computer, my brow in a Neanderthal furrow, I started typing. Arcade Jukebox was born and exposed to the poor souls at BYOAC. I had good responses but soon the request came. So next came Arcade Jukebox 2. More requests. This continued up to this point.  Sure, my friends still make fun of me and try to get me to eat gross things for money, but as they drive around in their Mercedes and Jaguars from their high paying jobs as surgeons and lawyers,  I can proudly say “I have a MAME machine that usually works and I wrote Arcade Jukebox without the aid of performance enhancing drugs!”  Maybe it’s not to late to go to medical school…


Arcade Jukebox 8 features:

· Everything Arcade Jukebox 7 did only slightly better

· New sort keeps current position in song list

· Song queue scrolls any songs past the third song

· Ability to load default database (last good database)

· Create new database

· Load alternate database

· New volume control slider

· New simplified look

· Still looks good on an Arcade Monitor

· Retains background settings


Screen Shots:



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